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One of our Masters charities this year, Sturge Weber UK is the one of the principal support groups for this rare condition.

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Kevin Parker (our Senior Deacon), is fundraising in aid of Dreamflight, by aiming to complete a sponsored bike ride from London to Paris in September this year (2019).

Kevin’s son Len (who has Sturge Weber syndrome), joined dreamflight and had the most amazing experience! Kev and Vicki want to do the same for another child and have set themselves the lofty target of raising £3,500, which is the average cost per child.

Once a year, 192 deserving children from all over the UK, accompanied by a team of medical carers, board a chartered Boeing 747 and head to Florida to spend 10 magical days of fun and excitement. Many children could not undertake such a trip without the support of the army of doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and non-medical volunteers who care for the children 24 hours a day.

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Or, if you’re a Freemason, then if you contact our secretary, I’m sure we can find a way for you to contribute via our 2022 Festival appeal, to help your lodge and ours achieve our targets, plus the Gift Aid!

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